Honey Trap of Diao Chan


Honey Trap of Diao Chan 🎮🎰

                👾 If you are looking for a Chinese slot machine that will make you feel a little bit of the ancient spirit, Honey Trap of Diao Chan is the perfect choice. This slot game features five reels, three rows, and 30 paylines. The story takes place during the late eastern Han dynasty.

                👾 A young emperor was overthrown and a ruthless warlord named Dong Zhuo ruled the country. Dong Zhuo’s tyranny was a reason to bring Diao Chan into the country. Lu Bu, on the other hand, led his soldiers to victory in battle.

                👾 Both men fell in love with Diao Chan and began their unrequited love for her. When this love was revealed, the two began a duel. The game’s aesthetics and soundtrack will attract you to play it. There are also several free spins features that you can activate.

                👾 The expanded wild, multiplier, and changed symbols will all help you win big. The game also offers a chance to win cash without ever risking your bankroll. There is also a free game mode where you can play the game for free and practice without risking your bankroll.

                👾 As a bonus feature, the game also offers an optional free spins mode. In this mode, the player can choose to play eight or ten free spins on the same machine.

                👾 There are three variations to the free spins, with eight free spins awarded to Diao Chan. In addition to this, all free spins wins will be multiplied by two. In addition, the scatter symbol will not appear during the free spins feature.